Give the Gift of Comfort. Donate a Shelter Bed.

Help Shelter Animals Stay Warm & Comfortable


Thank you for your interest in donating! The shelter animals are  very grateful.

We have three options available below:

  • Donate a DOG BED
  • Donate a CAT BED

71iqN-GwEkL._SL1500_DOG BED – Your $90 Donation will supply one comfy, durable all-aluminum frame & solid vinyl fabric Kuranda dog bed.                                                                 donate_dogbed


eFreddyCAT BED – Your $45 Donation will supply one comfy, durable PVC frame & solid vinyl fabric Kuranda cat bed.                                                              donate_catbed


donate01SET YOUR OWN DONATION AMOUNT – Even the smallest amount will help us reach our goal of getting a durable and comfy Kuranda bed for each dog and cat.    donate

5 thoughts on “Donate

  1. I have a never used off the floor large dog bed to donate. I would like to avoid mailing it. Can it be dropped off?

    • Hi Lana,
      That’s great! If you are local, yes of course you can drop it off at the shelter (3201 Lacy St., Los Angeles, CA 90031). Donations are welcome at the shelter anytime (although its probably best during business hours Tuesday to Saturday 8am-5pm and Sunday 11am-5pm). You can even ask the clerk for a donation receipt for your records. Unfortunately, this donation will not qualify for the complimentary cupcakes with “Give the Gift of Comfort, Donate a Shelter Bed”, but will still make the difference in the life of a great animal. Thank you!

  2. Tracy,
    Can you tell us if a part of our $45 or $90 donations will go to help feed/maintain the animals in your shelter? My wife and I are parents to an 8 year old adopted cat recently rescued from a local shelter, and would like to contribute, but we have our reservations donating $45 for a small bed made out of relatively inexpensive materials, PVC and vinyl in this case.

    Thank you for your consideration.


    • Hi Ed, Great question! Outside of a minimal paypal fee, all of the funds donated are used to purchase the Kuranda dog and cat beds. The dog beds are a great size and have an all aluminum frame. The vinyl if very strong and durable yet gives the dog some much needed cushion. The cats love the extra platform in their kennels or find comfort sitting under it and also enjoy the extra cushion from the vinyl. I hope that helps! Thank you for your interest in donating 🙂 -tracy

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